Moustasharoun Bureau is a consulting office that provides Accounting, Taxation, Internal Audit and Management Services to Individuals, Corporates & NGO

April 30th, 2020 News Feed: 4 important Ministry of Finance deadlines extended till May 29th....
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Tax Consulting

Accounting & Bookkeeping

We believe that tax planning is one of the most effective ways to add value to your business and contribute to its success...
Our comprehensive range of accounting services will help you to comply with all relevant reporting regulations, as well as full statutory year-end financial statements...
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Management Consulting

Internal Audit

Our business strategy has the tools and experience to help you move on. We can work with you to develop your company strategy over a periods ...
Our internal Audit Methodology blends technical competencies with a detailed knowledge of the client, its markets and the industry sector ...
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Our Newsletter
Moustasharoun Bureau Newsletter offers an effective way to stay in touch with our customers.
It is well designed and well written Newsletter intended to keep the Moustasharoun Bureau business information fresh in your minds.

Our Mobile App
Using the latest technology, our App has been developed to provide you with useful tax tools and information via your mobile device. Available for iOS and Android mobile phones and devices.
Professional Customer Service
Against the backdrop of a challenging economy, Moustasharoun Bureau found it crucial to improve its customer service skills in order to meet the customers continuous demands.
We believe that making a positive impact in the world we live in shouldn’t be an option anymore, at Moustasharoun we are using our skills to affect some of the most pressing social and environmental issues, and we are giving our people the means to make an impact on these issues as individuals, teams, offices, and as a firm.


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Our values define who we are, and how we behave ...​​​

  1. Delivery
    We do what we say we'll do. When we promise to do something, it gets done.
  2. Respect
    We support and respect each other, and help each other to achieve our full potential.
  3. Integrity
    Our ethos is based on being open and straightforward. We only give advice we believe in.
  4. Vision
    We seek a true insight and understanding of our clients' businesses, and use our expertise to find innovative solutions for them.
  5. Empathy
    We know our clients and relate to their unique personal circumstances.