Moustasharoun Bureau is a consulting office that offers Accounting, Taxation, Internal Audit and Management Services to individuals, corporates & NGO. 

At Moustasharoun our philosophy is founded on the pursuit of innovation and a no-compromise approach to Quality Of Service and Standards. We provide the highest standards and aim to earn our customers’ loyalty by catering to their needs and exceeding their expectations. Our people are the key to our success, and with consistent investment and positive recruitment policies, we make sure they grow as we grow. Through their dedication, and our unswerving commitment to progress, Moustasharoun is serving more & more of satisfied customers.

Moustasharoun is born of a progressive vision, our approach is unparalleled because we refuse to compromise on quality, and we never imitate.
  1. Business Management
    Business Management
    Our business strategy has the tools and experience to help you move on. We can work with you to resolve single issues, or to continuously develop your company strategy over a period of weeks, months and years.
  2. Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Accounting & Bookkeeping
    Our comprehensive range of accounting services will help you to comply with all relevant reporting regulations, As well as full statutory year-end financial statements. we can provide you with monthly or quarterly management accounts and assistance with the preparation of budgets and projections.
  3. Taxation Services
    Taxation Services
    We believe that tax planning is one of the most effective way to add value to your business and contribute to its success. As tax legislation becomes even more complicated, innovative strategic planning can provide a real commercial advantage.
  4. Internal Audit
    Internal Audit
    Our approach to internal audit requires the rigorous standards of professional competence, independence and objectivity that clients rightly demand, yet still recognizes that the auditor is uniquely placed to make a constructive contribution to the client's business.

Our Business Values

  1. Delivery
    We do what we say we'll do. When we promise to do something, it gets done.
  2. Respect
    We support and respect each other, and help each other to achieve our full potential.
  3. Integrity
    Our ethos is based on being open and straightforward. We only give advice we believe in.
  4. Vision
    We seek a true insight and understanding of our clients' businesses, and use our expertise to find innovative solutions for them.
  5. Empathy
    We know our clients and relate to their unique personal circumstances.
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We offer various financial services to meet your needs.
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