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Auditing Services

 Accounting Control Services

Internal audit services comprise of an independent and comprehensive review of an organization’s internal controls, operational procedures, and accounting policies. The implications derived from the internal audit process are then used to streamline the operations of the enterprise and enhance their overall efficiency.
This service can broadly be segmented into financial audit, compliance audit, operational audit, IT audit, and special audit. One of the key role of internal audit in a company is to provide an independent viewpoint on the extent to which an organization is poised for success and advice on areas that have scope for improvement. Internal audit is vital for ensuring information security and regulatory compliance, it is also a valuable way to evaluate company performance and manage risk.
Our comprehensive range of accounting services will help you to comply with all relevant reporting regulations, as well as full statutory year-end financial statements. We can provide you with monthly or quarterly management accounts and assistance with the preparation of budgets and projections.
Once your accounts have been prepared, we will carefully guide you through the implications of your results. We examine the key ratios and comparisons relevant to your business.

 Accounting & Bookkeping Services

VAT Services


VAT Health Check
If you have an established business and require comfort that your VAT systems are fit for purpose, we can undertake a VAT Health Check. This would include:

  • Confirmation that you have correctly identified the VAT liability of your supplies/income streams.
  • A review of your VAT recovery procedure and processes.
  • A review of your partial exemption method and application of the de minimis provisions (as applicable).
  • A review of the VAT treatment applied to one off transactions such as property purchases and sales.
  • Highlighting areas of concern or opportunities
  • Maximising your VAT recovery position and use of available VAT reliefs.
  • Determining which scheme is best suited for your business for accounting for VAT, e.g. regular VAT accounting, cash accounting scheme, flat rate scheme, etc.

The main purpose of a VAT Health Check is to ensure that as a business your handling of VAT is in line with current VAT laws and is as effective as possible. By doing this a business is then able to recognise prospective opportunities for saving VAT. If a business unwittingly remains non-compliant, penalties can be incurred and the instigation of retrospective action may come too late.
Another major advantage of our health check service is that it assists you to demonstrate to HMRC that you take “care” when considering VAT.  This is crucial as it will ensure that penalties are as low as possible (and are hopefully nil) if an error in your VAT accounting is identified at a later date.
To discuss our VAT Health Check service in further detail then please contact any member of our VAT team on +971 50 501 5180 or fill in our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch.
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VAT Workshop for UAE Entrepreneurs
Moustasharoun Bureau has organised a VAT Workshop for Entrepreneurs in the UAE. This has allowed them to understand VAT within the perspective of investors and tradors and not from the technical side.