Our Services

We are in a position to provide professional services to Individuals, Corporates & NGOs. ​we can provide a tailored partial service package according to the needs and requirements.​​​


Moustasharoun Bureau employees are qualified licensed professionals trained to support your request. Our accounting solutions are flexible, scalable and customized to fit your exact needs.
As your operations or staff expands, we adjust the nature and the level of our services so that we are growing and changing in parallel. We function as an extension of your business to provide you with a comprehensive range of accounting talent, experience and services. We’ll do it all or we’ll provide you with the advice you need so you can get it done right.

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Tax Consulting
Our comprehensive range of accounting services will help you to comply with all relevant reporting regulations, as well as full statutory year-end financial statements. We can provide you with monthly or quarterly management accounts and assist with the preparation of budgets and projections.
Once your accounts have been prepared, we will carefully guide you through the implications of your results. We examine the key ratios and comparisons relevant to your business.
At all times, we present the information in a straightforward way to give you a clear snapshot of your business performance. We then talk through all the relevant issues to help you achieve continuing success.

Our accounting services includes:
      - General Accounting
      - Transaction Processing 
      - Accounts Reconciliations
      - Accounts Maintenance & Controls
      - Historical Bookkeeing and back works
      - Financial & Analytical Reporting
      - Management Reporting
      - Inventory Management.
      - Profit optimization.
We believe that tax planning is one of the most effective ways to add value to your business and contribute to its success. As tax legislation becomes even more complicated, innovative strategic planning can provide a real commercial advantage.
Our office has a dedicated team of Income-tax specialists who will provide proactive planning advice. Our capability covers all stages of a company’s lifecycle, from incorporation right through to sale.

Nevertheless, VAT rules are complex and the implications are often not considered until too late. We believe that VAT planning requires in-depth knowledge, and even the most conscientious sometimes get caught out.
Our Tax Consulting services include:
    - Income-Tax, Property-Tax & VAT Counselling.
    - Assistance in Tax inspections.
    - Tax plans restructuring & tax budgeting.
    - Tax Maintenance & Optimization.
    - Employees' Income Tax declarations.
    - International Tax.
    - National Social Security declarations.

Management Consulting Services
Internal Audit Services
Our Management Consulting Services has the tools and experience to help you move on. We can work with you to resolve single issues, or to continuously develop your company strategy over a period of weeks, months and years.
At the 'toe-in-the-water' level, you will get great help, However, if you need long-term help, we can mentor you and your business through the implementation of major improvement plans, ensuring you hit your goals and your team is set up to work more effectively.

We also deal with those customers who are having problems in running businesses. We provide professional troubleshooting business advice that can help you to improve the pace of your business. With our services, you can easily put your finance and investments in the right business at the right time that can bring you unimaginable profits in your business journey.

Our Management Consulting services provide:
Preparation of long term financial projections.
Preparation of financial projections by coordinating with operational departments to support new programs.
Small business marketing advisory consultancy.
New business advisory services on start-up and market entry.
Buy or sell agreements strategies & advice in New York State.
Accounting system development to enhance better cash flow.
Management of financial and ERP implementation projects, strategic development for the maximization of profits and minimization of taxes, determination of realistic ROI.
Business valuation because of mergers & acquisitions, etc.
Internal audit services comprise of an independent and comprehensive review of an organization’s internal controls, operational procedures, and accounting policies. The implications derived from the internal audit process are then used to streamline the operations of the enterprise and enhance their overall efficiency.

This service can broadly be segmented into financial audit, compliance audit, operational audit, IT audit, and special audit. One of the key roles of internal audit in a company is to provide an independent viewpoint on the extent to which an organization is poised for success and advice on areas that have scope for improvement. Internal audit is vital for ensuring information security and regulatory compliance, it is also a valuable way to evaluate company performance and manage risk.

Our Internal Audit approach involves: 
   - Providing specialist skills to execute audit engagements in specialized areas (fraud investigations, project monitoring, implementing IT systems, revenue assurance, etc.)
   - Implementing Information Technology systems to support Internal Audit delivery.
   - Focusing efforts on the areas of greatest importance and value to the organization.
   - Assessing and improving control issues identified, in order to recognize and address complex emerging risk areas.
   - Providing support in a diverse array of risk and business process improvement areas.